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Before you go into business with anyone, whether it is loan, a lease, a purchase, a sale, or even an employment relationship, and especially if you may need to sue them to collect in the future, where the sums involved are likely to exceed four figures, it almost always makes sense to conduct and thorough asset and background search to determine if that person is a deadbeat or a stakeholder.  This Firm has access to several proprietary databases that allow us to answer fundamental questions that give you Hard Facts prior to ever getting involved with someone.

Our Asset & Background Searches are useful to landlords, those conducting Due Diligence prior to purchasing a business, those contemplating a civil lawsuit, and those seeking to assess the character of those proposing business deals.  The Firm can usually provide all of the data and an analysis within one to two hours of professional time.

Matthew J. Casebolt

Attorney & Counselor at Law