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Estate Planning

Unfortunately, planning for the future is not something busy Coloradoans are very good at.  The news media is filled full of articles about the general need to plan wisely.  Unfortunately, Estate & Retirement Planning are routinely put off.  Stop putting it off.  We can help you by doing the lion’s share of the work for you.

With the guidance of our firm’s professionals, we will make a plan together with you that protects your loved ones from the hassles and expenses of probate, if at all possible, and ensure that your final wishes are honored.  Whether you are writing a last will, are establishing a trust, are naming guardianship for your children, or are selecting your beneficiaries, an estate plan can cover everything from your final wishes to your medical treatment preferences.

Within our suite, we have access to tax CPAs and wealth advisors who can help crunch the numbers to secure your estate planning goals.

We look forward to serving you.  Call today.

Matthew J. Casebolt

Attorney & Counselor at Law